Areas of Business


Civil Law


Preparation of contracts: sales, purchases, rentals, permutations, formation of common property regimes, acknowledgement of debts, mandates or powers of attorney, etc).


Family Law: parentage, separations and divorces, temporary measures, amendments of measures, prenuptial agreements, annulments, settlement of jointly owned assets, guardianships, etc.


Inheritance Law: wills, probate, hereditary partitions, distribute of estates, etc.


Horizontal Property Law: formation of community of owners, recovery of outstanding community fees, actions of the Horizontal Property Law.


Rights of Ownership: property law, ownership and possession, rights of way, etc.


Civil Registry: Nationalities, change of name and surname, etc.


Civil Liability.



Commercial Law


Trade contracts


Consultancy service for companies



Criminal Law


Intervention in all types of matters; acting on behalf of the defence or prosecution.


Administrative Law


Intervention in all types of matters, assisting companies and individuals before Government bodies.