How to undestand your account statement


1. Cuenta: 6 numbers e.g. 017123 This is the administrative code for your property.

2. Piso/Local: This is the description, location of your property.

3. Nombre y Dirección: This is the name of the owner and the address that we send all of the correspondence related to the property, with regards to this Administration.

4. Desde-Hasta: The selected period that the account statement for the property covers.

5. Column Description:

  • Fecha: The day in which each deposit or charge to the account is made.

  • Descripción: The explanation for each payment into or charge from the account.

  • Debe: Figures or charges to pay.

  • Haber: Figures or credits made.

  • Saldo: Result of the statement. The last number (at the bottom right) is the total to pay or the credit that you have in your favour.

  • When it says "Credito" this is money in your favour.

  • When it says "Debito" this is the debt that you have.



My latest payment is not shown on my statement. What do I do?

The statements are updated every week and it may well be that your latest payment has missed the cut-off date. Either contact the Administration Office by e-mail (we do receive without name or partment number) or wait to confirm your payment.


How can I make payment?

We recommend you to contact the Administration Office to set up a direct debit to settle your Community fee payment. If you do not wish to do this, then you must arrange bank transfer into your Communites bank account. You find the details of your Communities bank account in our Infos Community Section (International Bank Account Numbers and Bank Identification Code). If you are in Spain you can also pay cash into the Communites Bank account or draw a cheque to be payed to "portador" (which means to the bearer of the cheque).


How do I do a correct transfer?

Please make sure that on the receipt of your transfer appears the name and the apartment number of the owner of the property. If you do a transfer with your name, not being owner of the property, it will be registered as a payment made by an unknown owner.




My password does not work, I cannot remember my password


Please contact the Administration Office.


When do I have to pay my community fees?


In most of the Communities payment is due every three month. But there are Communities with different condition of payment. If you are not sure please contact the President of your Community or us.